United Mobile Revolution!

Popilight unites and synchronizes all mobile devices, creating a stunning synchronized multi-media experience.

We are introducing "Global Heart Beat" technology, combining all mobile device capabilities into a unified purpose.


Synchronized Broadcast

Popilight introduces synchronized audio visual broadcasting and near real-time master control functionality that enables controlling of speed and scene settings of all popilights joined in the same channel.

N+1 Channel Media

Popilight introduces N+1 unlimited channel media experience.
N is number of people in crowd, +1 is you.

Designers and creators are no longer restricted by the audio visual hardware limitations such as stereo or 5+1 audio.
Popilight platform enables entirely new audio visual design concepts and mobile audio visual opportunities that was not possible before.

Target applications

  • Art (Video production / Installations / Performing Arts)
  • Making music (N+1 Channel Audio)
  • Musical events (Concerts and festivals)
  • Flash-mobs (Audio Visual)
  • Night Life (Venues and clubs)
  • Sports teams and fan groups (Stadiums, events or matches)
  • Business Showcases (Exhibitions / Fairs / Shopfront applications)
  • Kiosks (Branded video kiosks on single or multiple tables)
  • Social calls and causes
  • Interactive Education

For projects or branding send email to sales at popilight dot com

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Global Heart Beat Synchronization

Global Heartbeat is a synchronization technology based on network synchronization and a time-zone concept without geo-locational differences.

Global Heartbeat also represents a sequence position information that enables all Popilight applications to be in the same beat/sequence position at the same moment.

Utilizing Network Time Protocol and filtering algorithms correcting millisecond level latencies, Popilight IOS and Android apps are effortlessly synchronized in background. To have synchronization with others around you, all you need is to be in the same channel.

We are working on a GHB API for enabling Global Heartbeat to 3rd party developers.

Porting Popilight to other platforms such as SmartTv's, linux/arm based systems and Windows 10 IOT are also in our schedule.

Popilight Flash Filters

Popilight introduces a physical color filter accessory for mobile phone's flash.

This unique filter will change your white flash color to gradient color show of your choice.

We are currently introducing product to the market, for inquiries please send email to sales at popilight dot com

popilight pink mobile flash filter popilight blue mobile flash filter

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